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Sean C. Orr, M.D.

Neurologist & Expert in Brain Function




     Dr. Sean Orr was inspired as a young man to devote his career to caring for patients with catastrophic neurological illnesses and injuries. He initially trained during the “Decade of the Brain” as a Neurointensivist and Neuroendovascular Neurologist and was involved in the early, cutting-edge days of the development Stroke Centers, Neurocritical Care, Neuroendovascular Therapy, Therapeutic Temperature Modulation, NeuroImmunology, and Concussion Intervention in athletes. His extensive work in both the inpatient and outpatient clinical arenas led to the development of award-winning systems of care, and he has been recognized for his contributions as a medical educator and leader.

     He has advised companies across the Medical industry, focusing on pharmaceutical, biological, and biomedical startups. He has held the position of Vice President of a medical device startup launched out of Israel’s own silicone valley. As such, he has gained considerable experience in launching new products and raising capital from medium to large sized venture firms from San Francisco to Manhattan and overseas.


Medical Politics and Legal Experience

     Dr. Orr’s unique experience has made him a sought-after expert witness, and he was put to the test when he was compelled to blow the whistle on bad hospital practices that put his patients in harm’s way. This placed his career in jeopardy and resulted in a long series of political battles culminating in a landmark case decision reaffirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States of America. His position was vindicated, but in the process, he was exposed to devastating career attacks by established stakeholders at the highest levels of the medical establishment. Today, he applies what he learned by advocating for other whistleblower physicians, helping them to survive when they become targets of hospital and regulatory system attacks.

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Current Activities

     Today, Dr. Orr believes that we have entered a new era that is influenced heavily by what he calls the “NeuroEconomy,” in which individual cognitive capability is a direct determinant of one’s well-being and longevity. He believes that the critical problem of high-value healthcare will be solved in this new era through the ethical, physician-driven application of scalable technology, such as data analytics, deep machine learning, and automation. As such, he is actively engaged in developing care models that enable the development of personalized neurological medicine on a large scale.

Dr. Orr continues the independent practice of clinical Neurology. His private practice is a hybrid model of traditional Neurological care and NeuroCoaching. He engages in high-level Neuromedical consulting and education; Executive and Physician brain health and wellness; and Medical-Legal consulting and advisement. He currently pursues opportunities that allow him to freely test and deploy solutions at the crossroads of clinical care, consulting, coaching, and social media in Medical education.

To maintain balance and perspective, Dr. Orr pursues an integrated life rich in family, spiritual and fitness-oriented experiences that complement his business agenda. He enjoys cinema, playing the trombone, and engaging in artistic glassblowing. His love of nature compels him to seek outdoor experiences with his family and friends.

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