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Imagine a Better Brain     ⦿     Design a Better Mind

Situated at the crossroads of the pristine Golden Isles of Georgia and the burgeoning metropolis of the First Coast of Florida, The Neurogenesis Project provides a vibrant environment for healing.



Experience the benefits of cutting-edge, personalized solutions, including multimodal Brain Restoration and Optimization Strategies designed to Enhance Brain Function, Cognitive Capacity, and Behavioral Health.

Good behavioral health is the result of a healthy brain. Behavioral health problems are disorders of brain function, and they are largely treatable.

Yet today’s health care system makes it nearly impossible to get to the root of the problem in a timely fashion, if at all. We take a different approach by offering a thorough, expedient, and personalized assessment and a focused, precision treatment plan. 

In a relaxed resort setting, our team of clinical Neuroscientists employs a patient-centered, collaborative approach to treatment. Together, you'll accomplish more in just days than in months or even years in the standard treatment paradigm. 


Advances in Neuroscience make it possible today to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life!

Meeting the Need with Neuroscience

Our two-day, INTENSIVE BRAIN HEALTH PROGRAM consists of three clear steps that make your time with us predictable and highly valuable.  Leading up to your visit, we will prepare the way and gather data so that you get the most out of your investment of time and resources.

Step 1

Deep Mindset Analysis

Our team of Neuroscientists interviews you in person and takes a thorough history.


We endeavor to truly understand you and your struggles. We make it comfortable for you to trust us, and we listen very carefully.


Behavioral patterns become clear, and these give off clues about your brain health that guide further evaluation.

Step 2

Brain Function Profile

We discern the state of your brain’s structure and function using either your best available medical data or our Optional Premium Tests:

  • Structural and functional neuroimaging.
  • Brain mapping.

  • Genetic testing 

  • Neurogenomic and nutrigenomic lab tests.

  • Intestinal microbiome testing.

  • Specialized blood biomarkers.

  • Cognitive and personality assessment.

Step 3

Clinical Care Plan

  • Feedback - Our clinicians work together as a team and devote thirty hours to you over your two-day stay to make sure that you have the best possible plan of care moving forward. 

  • Implementation - We provide you with a comprehensive report containing detailed recommendations that you can take home and implement with the help of your local physician.

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