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The Brain Can Change.

We design Brain Building programs around your particular need.

Forge a path to a new and better version of yourself!


We help you improve your Brain Function so you can enjoy your best life possible.

What it Sober Brain Training?

It is the use of medical and behavioral strategies to improve the function of the brain and thus reduce and eliminate the effects of addiction.

Addiction hijacks the mind and damages the brain.

Addition leads to long-term changes that are challenging to overcome.

But contrary to popular belief, the brain is adaptable and can be repaired.

  • Neuroplasticity allows the brain to change in order to heal.

  • Neurogenesis is the creation of new brain tissue in order to grow.

Brain Building Strategies create the right conditions for change and help repair the brain that has been damaged by addiction, providing many benefits:

  • Reduction or elimination of cravings

  • Elimination of the negative effects of withdrawal

  • Prevention of relapse

  • Relief of depression and anxiety

  • Better interpersonal relationships

  • Improved goal setting and attainment

  • Expanded opportunities for employment

But we recognize that making changes is never easy, especially those that lead to enduring transformation.  Recommendations can be hard to implement and easy to forget. This is why we've developed a variety of programs to help you put into action the strategies that will improve your Brain Function:

  • Clinical Services

  • Mobile Telemedicine Solutions

  • Personalized Medical NeuroCoaching Program

  • Brain Function Tracking Tools

  • Brain Building Presentation and Workshop Series

  • Customized Health and Wellness Packages for Employers.

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