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Peak Performance Starts with a Healthy Brain

Build your Brain Function with

Healthy Thinking and Healthy Biology

The Problem with Brain Strain...


Damaged Relationships

Financial Losses

Missed Opportunities

Reduced Quality of Life

Mental Illness

Loss of Life


There are Many Causes...

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

Chronic Health Problems




Sleep Deprivation


Poor Nutrition

Vitamin Deficiencies

Physical Deconditioning

But there is hope!

Brain Building strategies

counteract the damaging effects of Brain Strain. 

Improve the way your mindset and biology operate, putting you in the best position to enjoy a better quality of life! 

Young Parents

One’s life can be changed dramatically by physical or emotional trauma, brain injury, or neuropsychiatric disorders such as addictive disease or debilitating depression. A strained brain doesn't work well, and what we call mental illness is a form of brain failure that all too often has its roots in biological and genetic influences that go undetected.

Being blindsided by these changes can cause one's hopes, goals, and dreams to be dashed, replaced by feelings of doubt, anger, hopelessness and much suffering—not only for you, but for those who love and care about you. Contrary to popular perception, disorders of the brain are equal opportunity conditions that can affect anyone, regardless of income, age, ethnicity, or zip code. The effects can be devastating and set your life's trajectory into a downward spiral.


Getting help today is harder than ever, and countless individuals are suffering the effects of undiagnosed, under-treated, or untreated brain disease in a dysfunctional world that makes it hard to recover.

At The NeuroGenesis Project, neuroscientists Dr. Drew Edwards & Dr. Sean Orr aim to change the landscape for people who are looking to improve their mental health, productivity, and quality of life. In 2019, they began discussing a shared vision of a unique, state-of-the-art clinical and educational neuropsychiatric center of healing and high achievement dedicated to serving those suffering from diseases of the brain. After a solid year of intense research, prayer, consultation, conceptualization and planning, The Neurogenesis Project was conceived and born in 2020. Here, Edwards and Orr combine their 40-plus years of research and patient care to provide comprehensive, state of the art, individualized, and collaborative assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients seeking higher levels of ability.


Their collaborative work is informed by the best available scientific evidence for assessment, clinical education and treatment of complex brain disorders. They are committed to delivering high-value care of optimal intensity and duration that is personalized to fit their individual patients' needs.


Similarly, their work and personal journey are informed by their shared intrinsic commitment to be excellent for their patients and families, and the communities they serve—all animated by their belief that we are all mere vessels in the hands of our Creator, the one true healer.  Anything less is a waste of time and precious resources. 

Brain Building

Brain Building Benefits.png

As a modern professional, you need that extra edge that will keep you ahead of the pack.


Brain Building strategies leverage your innate properties to overcome and prevent burnout, expand your capacity, and improve your quality of life.

Brain Building Strategies

Brain Function depends on striking a balance of...

  • Physical Activity - Strategies that stimulate new connections and the growth of new cells in your brain.

  • Nutrition - Strategies that reduce inflammation and change your body composition to better serve your brain function.

  • Recovery - Strategies that relieve, rejuvenate, and refresh, your brain tissue in order to create better brain function.

Lack of balance in any one area can lead to Brain Failure and its consequences.

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